Selling Options

We have great respect for designers and craftsmanship, so we would like to politely inform you at this point that only original designer pieces are allowed for sale on

All details and applicable regulations for the selling process on can be found in the GTC, we summarise here the available options for selling:



Please follow the ‘Sell’ menu on, enter the details of the product itself and upload photos that authentically describe the product and its condition.

Please give your asking price including average shipping cost as the final price.

Please make sure that small traces of use are accurately described and pictured. We will check your information according to our quality standards and then release the product for sale or contact you in case of queries.

We allow our customers the opportunity to check the authenticity of the product themselves within 14 days in the case of direct shipment from the seller to the buyer. In this case of self-sale by the seller, the products have previously been checked by BALTHAZAR exclusively via the photos uploaded by the seller and their description.

In any case, if buyers wish a prior, comprehensive and personal check of the piece by BALTHAZAR, they select the option ‘Authenticity check by BALTHAZAR’ in the check-out on This does not apply to ‘immediately available’ items, as these have already been checked by BALTHAZAR as part of the concierge service.

If authenticity – in direct shipment without prior personal examination by BALTHAZAR – is demonstrably not given, we will refund the purchase price to our customers. In this way, we want to support our customers in choosing the shorter, environmentally friendly shipping option with a good feeling.

Our sellers should also profit from this. For this reason, we offer you a 2% lower commission for CO2-neutral shipping of your pieces in direct shipping.

★ Self-sale with direct shipping would therefore be the best choice for buyers, sellers and our environment ★



If you do not have time to describe and photograph your items selected for sale and upload the photos to, please use the contact form to provide us with your name and contact details, as well as the number and type of items and your asking price, and add simple mobile phone photos, or contact us at

The price for the concierge service is EUR 25 per item. For 5 or 10 items or more per shipment, the price is reduced to EUR 20 and EUR 15 respectively. This includes shipping charges to the buyer as well as the cost of professional photos, detailed description of the piece and authenticity check.

Please ensure that the pieces are original designer pieces only, all other pieces will not be accepted for sale on If you have proof of purchase or certificates of authenticity, please include them with your shipment. Please do not send the pieces until you have received confirmation from our side. As soon as we receive your products, we will take care of the professional marketing on