If you do not have time to describe and photograph your items selected for sale and upload the photos to, please use the contact form to provide us with your name and contact details, as well as the number and type of items and your asking price, and add simple mobile phone photos, or contact us at

The price for the concierge service is EUR 25 per item. For 5 or 10 items or more per shipment, the price is reduced to EUR 20 and EUR 15 respectively. This includes shipping charges to the buyer as well as the cost of professional photos, detailed description of the piece and authenticity check.

Please ensure that the pieces are original designer pieces only, all other pieces will not be accepted for sale on If you have proof of purchase or certificates of authenticity, please include them with your shipment. Please do not send the pieces until you have received confirmation from our side. As soon as we receive your products, we will take care of the professional marketing on